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What’s the deal with the Pro-Flex-es?

There’s a lot of confusion about the "Pro-Flex" term. We, at BestPointe.com, decided to clarify some things so you know what to expect when trying them on.

“Pro-Flex” is NOT an independent pointe shoe model.

It is a certain type of a pointe shoe which can be used in any basic Grishko style: Grishko2007, Fouette, Maya I. By request, it can be used in Maya II and Triumph, too. Still, when a customer calls and asks for “Proflex pointe shoes”, he most probably means Grishko2007 Pro-Flex, because it’s the most popular model and the ultimate best-seller, as some schools use this style as default first pointe shoes for the beginners.

The main feature of the Pro-Flexes is the absence of the shank. Instead of the traditional hardness provided by the shank, the Pro-Flex sole is designed to provide enough support underneath the toes but is very flexible in the arch. This construction ensures easier roll-ups from demi to full pointe. The best thing about the Pro-Flexes is that you do not need to break the sole in. Plus, all the Pro-Flexes use a soundproof technology so they are quieter than the classic models, which make the style perfect for performances.

Do YOU need Pro-Flex?

YES if:

- You find it hard to reach full pointe (like the dancer at the picture)

- You’re an adult amateur ballet dancer

- You need an extra pair or a quick break-in for performance.

NO if:

- Your feet still grow AND you consider a career of a professional ballerina:using Pro-Flex constantly won’t help train and strengthen your feet

- If your feet are quite big (size 40 EUR – 9 US – 7 UK and up) or your weight is more than 60-65kg: the sole won’t be able to support you.

Now... Which of the Pro-Flex types (Grishko2007, Fouette, Maya I) is yours and what size to order?

We often receive questions about "which of the 3 Pro-Flex types is mine and is the sizing the same?" so we've created the following chart to clarify this, too.

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I would like to know if «Maya-I Pro-Flex» have drawstrings.

02 february 2019, 04:51 reply

Inna from BestPointe.com

Dear Natalia, starting from 2018, all Grishko shoes are made with drawstrings, but in shops there still may be some Maya I Pro Flex made earlier than that, these may be without drawstrings, so if you are buying online I would suggest you to check this. Hope this helps!

02 february 2019, 18:33 reply

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