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Need to get a high arch ...ASAP!

We receive this kind of messages quite often but this one was a real SOS. "I need your help. I need to get a high arch as soon as possible. I don't know what exercises to do and don't know in how much time this can be done. Please please help, it's kinda an emergency ! My arch is so low and it's such of a burden! Love you".

My suggestion was to google "The ballet blog" by Lisa Howell, physiotherapist who knows everything about a dancer's body. But - of course! - it takes a long time: a couple of month of everyday work - to improve one's arches.

On the other hand, if it's "kinda emergency", most probably the dancer just needs her arches to "seem" high -and here's when the "farches" become an ultimate accessory. Attachable Arch enhancers (a.k.a. "farches" & arch boosters) is nothing but a very elastic and tight mesh sock with a silicone insert in a discrete "pocket", under your ballet tights. It is just a small improvement to get you "stage ready", it helps your arches look just perfect.

In the meantime, we'll be posting some great arch improvement exercises on our Facebook page this week - hope they will help, too!

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