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7 tips to improve your pirouettes

@Maelle T., Ivory Coast
Hi Inna! Need your help again - this time, with my turns! I always try to do more than two turns without getting dizzy and having a headache. I've tried spotting and many other things but nothing seems to be working. Please help me☺


The above message motivated me to put together all I had ever read and heard on the turns issue. Finally, I managed to gather seven basic tips worth sharing...

7 tips to improve your pirouettes 

1. CORE. Engage the muscles of your core in order to maintain a correct ''straight line'' during the turn. Daily push ups & sit ups will help you strengthen your core and enable you to balance better.

2. EYES. Don't forget the importance of SPOTTING! Focus with your eyes and find where you want to end up. That's how you avoid the floor, by keeping your eyes off of it!

3. IMPULSE. Use just enough push to get around. Don't exaggerate by pushing too hard. 

4. TAKE OFF. A properly placed and expansive plié will be the best position for you to take off. 

5. ANKLES. Strengthen your ankles supporting the relevé. Try practicing the position in which you want to turn (e.g. à la seconde). 

6. VISUALISE yourself doing a beautiful, accurate pirouette - It really does help!

how do i improve my pirouettes7. USE A PIROUETTE BOARD. This is not a new discovery at all. A century ago, the first Vaganova's students used to break an armchair into parts and practiced their pirouettes on its curved arm.  The only difference today is that you do not have to search for the right armchair to break - we've made the perfectly curved Pirouette Wood Board for you. As it turns almost on its own, it makes our body follow it, in other words, adopt the right position in order not to fall off - just like kids do when on Mary-go-round.

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