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Nova by Grishko: tapered, bigger platform, lower heel

NOVA is the next generation of the brand's best-seller Grishko2007. It has preserved the best features of Grishko2007 and complemented them with new ones: quietness - durability - balance - flexibility - lightness - shape stability.

Let's analyze that and get into more details. The special material in the toe area provides the shoe with soundproof qualities on one hand and improves the durability of it on the other. The soundproof quality is also reinforced by the contemporary material on the shoe base which also is remarkably enhancing its flexibility. The platform is now wider, adding stability and balance. A new glue, used for the box construction, is the feature responsible for the improved lightness of the shoe. The NOVA's wings are longer than the regular 2007's and also flexible enough to provide better lateral support and in addition to all these, the double upper preserves the shape of the pointe shoe perfectly. The last new characteristic is its vegan sole.

We are often asked by customers what the difference between NOVA - NOVA2007 and NOVA PRO is. The answer is that they are all three the exact same model. The only difference between them is that (although they are all soundproof by default) the NOVA PRO model is even more quiet due to the PRO technology.

A second frequently asked question is the following: "Should I go for the same size I use to wear in Grishko2007"? The answer is, yes exactly the same - although in some cases you will feel you could try a narrower box (minus one X) because of the additional space in the box and the different glue. If you wear Fouette, Triumph or Maya I, you should order a +0,5 bigger size, same width.

Finally, there is a Nova Flex model which is being sold mainly in USA - it's a Nova with the Pro-Flex shank (easier roll-trough and getting onto full pointe).  

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