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5 tips about choosing your first pointe shoes

Time to get your first pointe shoe pair? Wondering where to start? 
Here is a small guide. 

1. Schedule a fitting appointment at the biggest ballet shop in your area.

If this shop stocks at least 500 pairs of pointe shoes and has a professional pointe shoe fitter - you are in good hands. 

2. Ask your teacher to describe your feet.

She/he knows how strong your feet are, how they work etc. Remember to share this informatio with your fitter. 

3. Do NOT ask your teacher which pointe shoes are right for you.

Pointe shoe fitting is a completely different field of knowledge, and your teacher may not follow the news of this industry. But when she sees you wearing the pointe shoes, she can totally tell if they are right for you or not. Make sure she confirms your choice before you sew the ribbons otherwise you won't be able to return the shoes. 

4. Do NOT ask yourself if your first pair is perfect for you. 

When you are choosing your first car, do you really know what are the features of your perfect car? Probably not, because you not yet an expert in that area, right now you need it to have four wheels, a rudder and (maybe) an engine. 

Just like that, your first pointe shoes are your starting point, so lean on your fitter's and teacher's opinion this time.
Searching for a perfect pointe shoe pair may take you years (dozens of years?) and hours of pointe shoe fittings, but it's worth it... 

5. If there is no fitter around... 

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get a professional fitter's help, either because there might not be a specialized ballet store in your area, or because your feet are quite special (too narrow, too wide or too long), or because most of the stores carry a limited variety of models and sizes in their stock. 

Please don't stress out. Actually, the BestPointe.com' concept was created for cases like yours. I'll bet you anything that, wherever in the world you are, we can fit you virtually better than your local shop - unless it's a specialized pointe retailer. 
Let me know if you are ready to try us! 

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