5 reasons why Siberian Swan pointe shoes will win the market
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5 reasons why Siberian Swan pointe shoes will win the market

The new pointe shoe brand Siberian Swan seems to be one of the most successful new players on the world ballet market. Made by dancers themselves, for their own use, without any particular marketing effort, they became known all over the world ... why?

The State Ballet of Siberia is a professional dance company and a great success story. The company developed and delivered to its dancers the pointe shoes that they were dreaming of. The process of creation was a close collaboration between the dancers, the design team and the manufacturers. The fact that all the dancers had pointe shoes of the same shape and the same matte color made an impression in the ballet experts' world. The request for the Siberian Swan pointe shoes made its directors change their mind and share their pointe shoes with dancers outside the company... 

We have found five resons why the Siberian swans are soon going to win a huge part of the ballet market:

  1. They really “help” to dance

Working in a dance company means countless hours of rehearsals and performances. That’s why the main concern of the manufacturers was not training and strengthening, but the functionality and the best possible appearance on stage. The new technology called Active Arch Support provides lightness and comfort while maintaining stability, even if used every day. 

  1. They are really durable

Siberian Swan is the only manufacturer who makes pointe shoes primarily for their own use.  Therefore, it is interested in the lifespan of the shoe much more than in increasing the turnover. 

  1. They are not slippery

The upper cover of the shoe is a matte cloth, which is woven, made specifically for the needs of the Siberian Swan and is processed to provide anti-slip features and a special anti-friction effect on the floor.

  1. They fit almost any foot type

With the two models - one "tapered" for narrower feet and the other "square" for the wider, even the most "unusual" feet are covered. Plus, the manufacturers are willing to custom-adjust the models according to the dancer's requirements. 

  1. They smell PERFECT!!

The inner parts of the Siberian Swan are processed with an extract of Siberian cedar that has antimicrobial action, fights the fungi and gives the shoe this special scent…

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