How many parts does a pointe shoe have?
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Parts of a pointe shoe

Why is it so important to know what the parts of a pointe shoe are called? Simply because it is so much easier to explain where the shoe hurts or what you should expect from a new pair.

The structure of a pointe shoe:

parts of a pointe shoeThe box, is the front part a pointe shoe. It surrounds and supports the toes and the dancer's metatarsophalangeal joints.
The wings are the lateral parts of the box.
The vamp of a pointe shoe refers to the length of the box from the toe platform to the opening of the shoe (the throat).  
The platform is the oval-shaped flat part at the tip of the shoe on which the dancer's weight rests while en pointe. 
The shank is the inner part of the sole which supports the foot when en pointe. 

What's inside?

The Box is usually made of layers of paper and cloth, burlap and cotton glued together. The sole and the shank are usually made of leather, plastic, cardboard or layers of glue and fabric (burlap). The multiple sole layers are often connected with a nail. Finally, the shoe is carefully covered with a special fabric (satin or canvas) giving the shoe it's ethereal appearance.

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very helpful thank you!!!

11 october 2018, 04:47 reply


It was helpful but still wondering what the wings are made of…

28 january 2019, 16:20 reply

Inna From

Dear Claudia, in most shoes made of natural materials, the wings are made of flexible cardboard, covered with fabric.

02 february 2019, 18:26 reply


I was wondering where the materials come from around the world?

22 june 2020, 02:59 reply


Literally from all over the world!

22 june 2020, 14:18 reply

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