Our pointe shoe fitting service is 6 today!
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Our pointe shoe fitting service is 6 today!

When I started a local pointe shoe business, I didn’t know a thing about pointe shoes...

I used to go from one dance school to another and collect opinions about the shoes I had, from ballet teachers... One was telling me they were too hard – the other that they were too soft, one disliked that are too high/low, another was SO happy because they were so high / so low. It took me a couple of months to understand that most of them, either, don’t know much about the subject – they are simply comparing them to their own pointe shoes they used to wear. Almost all of them thought that there is only one RIGHT type for all the students – the one that worked for them…

So I searched online, and discovered that pointe shoe fitting is a completely other discipline - other than ballet teaching.  I also found out that were no pointe shoe fitters in my city, so I decided to become one.

A couple of years later, and about a thousand of ballet feet that I’ve seen and touched, I understood that I can approximately tell which model could be a good fit for a dancer, only by looking at their feet, or by describing it via e-mail or over the phone . Greece is a country with lots of islands and small towns with no local dance shops, so I learned to do it remotely. 

In the same time, I found out that the ballet world was full of badly fitted pointe shoes. I kept seeing them on photos and videos so one day I’ve just decided to translate our local concept into English and make it international. That’s how BestPointe.com was started, 6 years ago...

Since then, more than 10 thousand dancers have filled out our “Get-fitted-online” form and got their suggestions from us, all completely free.

Of course, it was not a Mother Theresa concept: many of them have become our customers. But it’s totally ok if they haven’t – I keep thinking that that’s my good deed for the ballet community...

There is still so much to learning about pointe models and brands all the time – the idea is to create an ultimate fitting chart for all the well-known brands…We really enjoy this process and will be thrilled to learn your opinion and suggestions about it! 


Inna Mayorova and the BestPointe Team 

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