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Siberian Swan Brand News

Starting from April 2019, the Siberian Swan brand has slightly changed the lasts for both of its classic models: Pavlova and Karsavina. 

Pavlova by Siberian Swan, front viewWhy the change?

As a company which produces pointe shoes firstly for the needs of its own dance company, Siberian Swan constantly collects feedback from the final users of the pointe shoes.

"Although the “strategic” for pointe work elements, which are the box and the sole had no remarks, we were concerned about the heel fitting and the exceeding space on the sides of the shoes, says Sergey Bobrov, the director of the Siberian Swan. “We also analyzed our sales on the world market and noticed that we barely ever use the narrowest lasts of both models. On the contrary, we often had to custom-make pairs wider than our standard models.

Karsavina by siberian swan, profile We discussed these changes with the specialists who produce shoe lasts for the Bolshoi theater, and decided to invest in the change of all our lasts. I strongly believe that our customers will benefit from this change”.

What has changed?

The main changes concern the heel fitting , the cutting and the direction of the side seams. For a pointe shoe user, these changes in the shoe will be hardly noticeable: the dancer will just feel that the heel area fits better now when standing flat and won’t leave exceeding fabric on the sides when on pointe.    

The length of the shoes remains as is, while the width has changed. Both Karsavina and Pavlova models have become slightly wider. For a user of the pointe shoes, this means that if her current pointe shoes are Karsavina 6 XX M, she will change to a Karsavina 6 X M.

Karsavina by siberian swan - the soleMore sizes  

The company has broadened its size range. Now both Karsavina and Pavlova models can be ordered from size 3 to 8.5 UK   (= 5-10.5 US = 33 – 41 EUR)

Increased quality control 

From now on, the manufacturing company will be marking each pointe shoe pair with a unique reference number. This system will help the Siberian Swan users to refer to this number if they want any customization, or need to order shoes from a certain shoemaker. 

Satin pointe shoes 

From now on, customers may order Siberin Swan in shiny satin, too. 

 Male pointe shoes

The company has successfully completed the testing stage for the male shoe model (the “Rudolf” ). It can be ordered for sizes up to 14.5 US (=12.5 UK = 46.5 European). 

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