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What Is "Compressible Feet" Issue? A Guide On How To Handle It

As the feet of the dancers are their basic "tool", they should be aware of all of their possible issues, not only for making their dance life easier, but for choosing the right pointe shoes as well. Compressible feet issue is an important one and it really gets involved in the fitting procedure.

But what does exactly mean?

The answer is simple! If you stand flat, gently squeeze with your hands the sides of your metatarsal and your foot squeezes in and compreses, you've got compressible feet! This type of foot use to accumulate many other issues, like if the feet are very flexible and compressible they will maybe go over the pointe, while if they are inflexible and compressible they will may not able to get over the box. So, the issue of the compressible feet is that, WHEN EN POINTE, the feet are getting squeezed in and they are not able to achive the basic target of the pointe shoes (which is to go en pointe and stay there).

Have no fear! You just have to pay attention to find pointe shoes that fit you when standing en pointe. The pointes have to really support you in the metatarsal area. We, usually, provide "compressible feet dancers" with narrower pointe shoes to fit them perfectly when they are en pointe. The shoes of course will be really painful when they stand flat, but they will gradually take the shape of the feet and then the pain will retreat. For example, if you are a XXXX width, you'll have to go for a XXX width, or even XX width for very compressible feet.

Last but not least, the V-cut pointe shoe models seem to go together with higher wings (the fabric of the sides of the box), which is a really significant parametre, as they give you further support. BEWARE! The only reason to not go for pointe shoes like these if you have compressible feet, is to have a great sensitivity on your metatarsal bones. The pain will just be unbearable.

Seems like you have compressible feet but you are not sure? Go on and fill out our questionnaire if you need our opinion about your own pointe shoe sizing and models and let’s get fitted!

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