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Here is the list of the pointe shoe and ballet accessories brands that we love and are proud to offer to our customers. Click on the logo of the brand to find out more about the company, its origin and its products:


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  • The following products were made by us - guys from, - or made exclusively for our e-store and our customers. Let us know if you are interested in wholesale offers!
  • Capezio is one of the most well-known dance brands. We are in love with the quality of its dancewear, shoes and accessories.
  • Discover the essentials of dance with the brand Dansez-vous: professional grade quality at the best price: ballet slippers, tights, bags, accessories and cute dance gifts!
  • Everything about ballet barres - for home and for studios, mounted and portable. A Spanish company-manufacturer specializes on reserch and development of the dance class equipment. Let us know if you need any advice or if you are interested in a bulk order.
  • Amazing quality of dance leotards, great styles, colors and fabrics - this is all about the Grand Prix brand. The company is the official manufacturer of the Opera Theatre of Ukraine and is well known in Europe and the rest of the world for its original styles and quality.
  • A well-known Russian dance brand: quality handmade pointe shoes and stunning collections of dancewear!
  • MDM has created a line of dance shoes that activate, support, and move in harmony with the body. With the addition of the patented Dance Base Support technology, MDM footwear provides extra stimulation to the feet, which assists to better activate the intrinsic muscles automatically. Over time, this helps create the habitual, default movement pattern required for good technique and safe dance practice.
  • A great Italian manufacturer of dance tights and seamless underwear. The best quality of dance tights on the market and very reasonable prices! 

  • A wonderful quality pointe shoe manufacturer from Russia. More than 30 different lasts, and dozens of sole and shank parameters. Fit any possible feet shapes and demands. Get fitted with us to find yours! 

  • Russian Pointe is Russian-American manufacturer with a great selection of models and widths which fit almost every foot type. Get fitted by BestPointe to find an RP model that fits you best.
  • The manufacturer of the Siberian Swan pointe shoes is the State Ballet of Siberia dance company. The company developed, in close collaboration with the dancers themselves, the pointe shoes that they were dreaming of.
  • Our exclusive brand of quality handmade knitted dance and casual wear. Let us know if you are interested in wholesale or bulk orders.
  • Perfect quality pointe shoe and dance accessories (Italy). Great choice of colorful silicone and gel pads, and orthopaedic products for dancers.
  • Based in UK, the brand has been started by one of the most experienced "players" of the dance market, in order to cover the need of dancers in special equipment and hard-to-find accessories. Here, you may find items and "tricks" you've been looking for for a long time!