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NEW Orthopaedic products 21.1 USD
Knee Pads KP01
Protective lightweight black knee pads. Move with confidence and security with theese knee pads during dancing. Suitable for ...
NEW Orthopaedic products 22.9 USD
Tendu Advanced Toe Pads
These high quality advanced toe pads are perfect for dancers who want a good gel padding to protect their toes, while being able ...
Orthopaedic products 5.9 USD
Tendu microporous tape for pointe shoes
Micropore toe tape to protect sore toes. • 10m roll• 2cm wide 
Orthopaedic products 5.9 USD
Mini silicone toe pads
Tiny and unobtrusive, Grishko mini toe pads can be placed accurately inside the shoe and give the toes more comfort. They are ...
Orthopaedic products 8.2 USD
Toe Protector
Toe Protectors offer total toe protection to relieve corns, cysts, blisters, calluses, crooked toes, hammertoes, broken toes, and ...
Orthopaedic products 16.4 USD
Bunion Pad Toe Spreader
This bunion pad toe spreader will reduce and relief instantly any discomfort and pains caused by bunions. It's easy to use, ...
Orthopaedic products 8.2 USD
Silicone Toe Cap
This silicone toe cap will reduce the daily discomfort of bunion and hammer toe pain. It helps you protect against pain of your ...
Orthopaedic products 15.3 USD
Big Toe Spreader
This silicone toe separator will help you reduce bunion foot pain and and relieve rubbing between toes. It is a ...
Orthopaedic products 8.2 USD
Gel Toe Separator "Drop"
Gently divide crooked, overlapping toes with gel toe separators. These soft cushions are designed to conform your toes, to ...