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Entrada PRO

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Based on one of the most classic Russian Pointe shoe styles. The Entada PRO shoe has a higher crown, high heel, high profile, slightly higher vamp and high wings. The box is more almond or tear-drop shaped with the unique feature of curving back in at the top of the wings. The pre-arch in this model breaks higher than the rest and therefore this is best intended for that higher-breaking arch, hyper-mobile foot (or “banana” foot). 

 This model comes of the Spotlight collection by Russian Pointe, noted for its pre-arched technology and pliable shanks. Spotlight pointe shoes aim to highlight the arch, while simultaneously facilitate pointe work by minimizing break-in.

Best fit:

Sligtly tapered hypermobile (“banana”) feet

Vamp shape:

V-cut without drawstring or U-cut with elastic drawstring


Light salmon satin upper, cotton lining, hand-glued, natural leather machine-stitched sole


Standard (S, M, H): give firmer support behind the toes, for the feet which need maximum support for higher-impact movements such as springing to pointe or repeated relevés and turns.
Flexible (FS, FM, FH): Russian Pointe’s unique cutout design of the stiffer layer behind the toes, these shanks allow more flexibility through demi-pointe.

Tags: high arch roman feet
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