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Submit the following form and get a suggestion from our experienced pointe shoe fitters. This information will be enough if you can try it on at a local shop, or you just want to confirm your own estimations - or you are just playing around which is totally ok, too!


If there is no place around where you can try the suggested pointe shoes on - then, in co-operation with our pointe shoe fitters we will continue to a more detailed online fitting process (much more detailed and precise - get ready to dedicate some effort on it).


Wherever in the world you are, and whatever size and model we will choose together, we can deliver it to you. The best part? We appreciate all the effort you made to get fitted virtually - so you will be getting a personal great deal for this purchase!

Let's get fitted!

Your Perfect Pointe Shoes, all in one Pointe Shoe Fitting Service. Discover the best recommendations for your unique feet shape!

We are rethinking pointe shoe shopping online. Do not confine yourself to random choices of pointe shoe models. Stop seeking for conversion size charts. All you need is an Internet connection: fill in our fitting form and our experts will help you find the perfect fit pointe model and size, for your unique foot shape. We will send you your personal fitting advice to your e-mail (please make sure your e-mail address is correct: you will receive an

Is this your first pair of pointe shoes?

How wide are your feet?

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We will not disclose your personal data or any other personal data provided by you to us to any third party.

See what people are saying...

Isabella Bradford

Isabella Bradford

Ballet Dancer

This company was a pleasure to work with! They got back to me very quickly with information that I found extremely helpful! Except for telling me the pointe shoes they think would work for me, they also provided advice for when I was beginning to go "en pointe ". I highly recommend for advice as regards to pointe shoes! They are definitely a company I will go to for my future pointe shoe needs!

Freya Harper-Wallace

Freya Harper-Wallace

Ballet Student

My name is Freya, I attend Jennifer Evans Dance Academy in New Zealand. I tried out the BestPointe online fitting form because close to me, we don't have many professional fitters or a vast range of pointe shoes. I also wanted to get an idea of a shoe that would work well for me. Within a few days of filling in the form, I got an email with my recommended pointe shoe styles, from this I found a pair of shoes I really love!

Tegan Smith

Tegan Smith

Ballet student

My name is Tegan and I am a ballet student in London. I filled the online fitting form because I am not sure the pointe shoes I am using are good for me. I am very happy with the suggestions Best Pointe gave me, I love my new pointe shoes!